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Why Not to Buy Glasses Online

Shopping for Eyeglasses Online

Nowadays it’s so common to do most of our shopping online. Whether it’s groceries, electronics or clothing, there is almost no limit to the things you can buy with the help of the internet and a computer. But there is at least one thing that is still better to buy in person… eye glasses! There … Continue reading Why Not to Buy Glasses Online

Do Optical Shops Have Optometrists?

Eyewear - Optical Centre Oakville Ontario

Many provinces in Canada make it mandatory that only certain types of professionals be allowed to sell eyeglasses and contact lenses in optical centres.  The list of permitted professionals typically includes opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, and/or staff under their supervision. For this reason, not all optical centres have optometrists and you’re left needing to figure out … Continue reading Do Optical Shops Have Optometrists?