Eye Care FAQ

Envision Eye Care Oakville FAQ

What our Eye Care Patients are Asking!

At Envision Eye Care, our optometrists love receiving and answering your questions so we’ve added this FAQ. Your questions also inspire topics for our blog posts where we delve in matters that concern your vision and how to maintain great eye health!

Does OHIP Cover eye exams? How about for my children?

Children’s eye exams (19 and younger) as well as seniors exams (65+) are covered annually by OHIP.  Eye exams for adults are not automatically covered but there are a range of conditions that may qualify you for exam coverage via OHIP (which are vital for diabetics, for example). Annual eye exams are strongly recommended for all adults. Learn more about our full eye exams.

Do you handle emergency visits? What are your hours?

In the case of and emergency during clinic practice hours, please contact us at 905-465-3937 to arrange an urgent appointment with an optometrist. Outside of practice hours, please contact your nearest hospital.

I’ve been told I can’t wear contacts, can you help?

Many patients we see say they’ve been told they can’t wear contacts. However, our specialization in contact lens fittings often means they can. Let’s see if contacts are right for you, after all. Learn more.

I have dry eyes but drug store products aren’t helping. Can you?

Dry Eye Syndrome is common and difficult to deal with but there are treatment options besides artificial tears. Our optometrists can tailor a plan to help treat your dry eyes. Learn more.

Do you have free parking?

Yes, parking is free and our vision centre is right on the main level of the brand new Palermo Professional Centre in Oakville, seconds from Burlington and Milton.

Do you offer direct billing to my insurance company?

Yes, most major insurance companies allow us to submit and receive eligible payments electronically. Check your policy for coverage details.

I don’t have coverage. How can I pay?

Our optical centre accepts payment methods including credit card, debit card and cash for non-covered vision services and products (prescription contacts, glasses or sunglasses).

Are you open late? What are your hours?

We’re open late several days per week (closed Sunday and Monday). See our contact page for current daily centre hours.